What Do You Know About Nubuck Leather?

You are a leather fashion accessories lover. When shopping, you are often introduced to Nubuck leather. So what is Nubuck? Is this leather as good as the leather you still use? Let’s find out through this following article!

What is leather nubuck?

Nubuck leather, also known as buck leather, is real leather, which is abraded to form a smooth cotton surface, which is very smooth to the touch thanks to the tight structure of the skin.

  • When you use your fingers to gently stroke the surface of the nubuck, these fine hairs lean to one side, creating a matte color than usual. It is this feature that many people confuse nubuck leather with velvet.
  • When using a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the skin, the color of the skin plate darkens, because the nubuck skin has been rubbed off the outer protective layer, so the absorbency of the skin is very strong.

How is Nubuck leather made?

  • The animal’s skin after the tanning and dyeing process is put into surface abrasive machines or rubbed manually with good brushes. Skin pieces where the surface is scarred, bad when surface abrasion will produce nubuck leather with a smooth and beautiful cotton surface.
  • The nubuck leather sheets have different thickness because they are made from real leather, it depends on the age of the animal taking the skin. For an equal thickness of leather, people can use the slicer.
  • Professional tannery factories all have these devices, therefore, their prices do not depend on the thickness of nubuck leather, whether it is thick or thin.
  • The nubuck leather sheets have smoothness, the colors are not completely the same depending on the abrasion and the technology used, so there are shoes that are slightly different in color.

What is Nubuck leather used for?

Nubuck leather is only lightly honed to create a fine layer, and also stamped in a variety of patterns or colors. This is the reason why nubuck leather is so popular that it is used in the fashion industry.

Some products are usually made from nubuck leather such as nubuck leather shoes, nubuck leather bags, leather wallets, gloves, leather shirts … for both men and women.

Nubuck leather jacket

Men nubuck leather shoe

How to preserve Nubuck leather products?

  • Nubuck skin is abrasive losing the protective layer on the surface of the skin, so you must use a color retention spray for the skin, after a period of use, the skin plate will be discolored. Therefore, nubuck skin owners must be very careful and diligent to take care of products from these ingredients.
  • Regular Nubuck shoes can be cleaned by wiping with a cloth/sponge dipped in warm soapy water. There are also special products for cleaning and preserving Nubuck shoes.
  • More professional, you should use specialized lotions, sprays to care for the nubuck leather.

Nubuck leather products are very beautiful, very trendy, you can completely make your own mark with Nubuck leather products. As long as you carefully preserve it, your Nubuck products will always look like new.

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