Tell You How to Choose Baby Jewelry

According to folk experience, silver has an anaerobic effect, so mothers often wear them very early. Young children’s skin is prone to allergies, so how to choose a beautiful handshake, foot shake, earring, necklace that can protect your baby’s health? Through the article, Bao Tin would like to share some tips for choosing silver jewelry for your baby.

Effective when wearing silver jewelry for your baby

In addition to its effects on fashion, silver jewelry also offers a number of benefits when used especially with children. However, some parents still wonder about the effects of silver jewelry on children. Here Silver Bao Tin would like to introduce to parents some reasons you should wear a silver bracelet for your child.

Silver has strong antibiotic properties and antiseptic effects. It helps to fight some bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Silver can balance other elements in the body, so it is very important for human health.

Silver helps blood vessels elastic, which is important for bone formation and healing, and skin formation and repair.

Material is suitable

On the baby silver jewelry market, there are a variety of designs and materials. Previously, customer tastes often chose silver (99.99% silver) for babies, because they believed that pure silver would have the best hydrophobic effect for their babies. However, with the emergence of silver such as Thai silver and 925 silver, the tastes of customers gradually shift to these new silver types.

The appropriate age to wear silver jewelry for your baby


Newborns when they are full months old are often bought by grandparents, parents and relatives for lovely silver bracelets. But mothers note, should not arbitrarily wear any silver jewelry if there is no source. Because “fake silver” can also be the cause of skin diseases for the baby.

Children under 2 years old

At this age, silver jewelry is suitable for more diverse children, in addition to bracelets, foot bracelets, you can choose silver earrings for girls, silver necklaces for boys. At this age, children are not aware of their activities, so jewelry does not need to be fussy, so there are few patterns

Children 2 – 5 years old

At this age, babies have gradually become aware of their actions, and also have a sense of beauty. Mothers can let their babies choose the designs they like but still follow the principle of not being too fussy and limited in details. Active babies will accidentally damage their jewelry.

Children from 6 to 12 years old
Older children have a very clear sense of silver jewelry wearing and know how to keep them. Mothers can freely choose types such as bracelets, bracelets, earrings, silver rings, necklaces …
Babies of different sexes also have specialized designs, designs for girls are often more varied and soft and feminine. On the contrary, silver jewelry for boys is often limited in style. However, they are also quite eye-catching, so you can choose freely.
Newborn weight changes very quickly, regular weight monitoring to promptly adjust the size is very necessary. The older the baby is, the longer this happens.
Note: You should only buy silver jewelry at reputable locations for your baby. Poor quality silver not only does not protect health but also causes illness for your baby.
Bao Tin Silver Jewelry is a reliable place that parents can be completely assured when buying and using silver jewelry for their baby.

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