Experience Choosing Men’s Leather Shoes – You Should Consult This Before Buying!

Men’s leather shoes have become an indispensable part of everyday life. Almost every guy has at least 1 pair of men’s leather shoes in their shoe lockers, including guys who love a sporty, active style. During the graduation ceremony or when you attend any meeting with your partner, besides the trendy modern shoes, a pair of men’s leather shoes will make you look much more polite.

That’s why men’s leather shoes never go out of style. However, how to choose the right men’s leather shoes is not easy. Don’t worry, we will help you do this with the following article!

1.Choosing the right design

Currently, on the men’s leather shoes market there are countless styles, designs, and colors. Your job is to find for yourself a pair of shoes that show your strengths and help hide your weaknesses.

If you have a modest height, a pair of padded shoes will help you look taller without losing the look of leather shoes. The toe of the shoe also comes in a variety of designs such as pointed, obtuse angle, or round shape. Most men’s leather shoes are usually round toe shape. However, depending on your oufit, you should choose the best suit for you.

Men leather shoe with obtuse angle

Men leather shoe with round toe

Men leather shoe with pointed toe

2. Choosing the shoe sole

This is equally important. A good pair of men’s leather shoes should look good and your feet feel comfortable even if you’re wearing shoes all day.
Therefore, the sole plays an important role in choosing shoes. There are two types of men’s leather soles: rubber and leather. This will help the soles flex to all shoe shapes and provide smooth, non-slip wear. Leather sole material will often help elevate your shoes, but good leather material will often be expensive. However, shoes with leather soles that are cheap at price, you should not choose. Because most of the shoes like that made of synthetic leather often have poor durability.

Men leather shoe with leather sole
With rubber soles material, the biggest advantage is that the price is reasonable, anyone can buy. However, leather shoes with rubber soles often look not luxurious. With the above characteristics, you should clearly define the purpose of buying leather shoes and then decide what material to choose. Because a good leather shoe will help you be more successful at work and will accompany you for many years in the future.

Men leather shoe with rubber sole

3. Choosing shoe size

Usually, guys know their shoe size, right? However, with men’s leather shoes it will be a little different. With sports shoes, slip-on, are easy to adjust the tightness. However, with leather shoes, there will be no such increase. So you need to measure your foot length and consult the store to choose your shoes. Depending on the form of the leather shoe, the seller will advise you how to increase the size accordingly to your feet length.

How to measure the foot size: put your feet flat and mark the longest point of the foot and heel. Do not measure shoes in the morning, because usually after a day of strenuous walking, your feet will get bigger. If measured in the morning, the feet are usually smaller.

Measure foot length

Above are 03 ways to help you choose for yourself good men’s leather shoes that are suitable for you. Wish you find your own shoes soon.

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