Environmentally friendly jewelry for the girls who love nature

Jewelry is very important to the look of a bride on her wedding day, from her engagement ring to the additions to a stunning look. Although very beautiful and highly symbolic, jewelry is still toxic industrial products, but this element gets little attention. Around the world, there are groups of people and tendencies to denounce the jewelry industry, especially in places such as: poor working conditions, bluff of mineral exploitation, illegal trade and destruction. environmental damage. It is the negative impacts on the environment and society that have made jewelry manufacturers often condemned by public opinion.

If you love lovely jewelry but still want to contribute to protecting the environment, you can express your culture and knowledge by paying attention to this aspect when shopping. Jewelry for brides will be more meaningful if you know where they come from and how to exploit them. And that’s why today Cuu Long Jewelry wants to introduce one of its favorite jewelry trends: eco-friendly jewelry.

The first is the contributions of founders Anna Bario and Page Neal in efforts to change environmental conditions and human rights in the mining of metals and gems. The above ring is an example of using recycled or 100% handmade materials. Crafted entirely by hand in Philadelphia, this ring is a combination of reclaimed precious metal, fairmined gold and legally mined stone.

Mimicking the natural curves and shapes of branches, branches, seeds, design Barbara Polinsky is a representation of Central Park. The ring also uses recycled metals, colored gems and artificial diamonds.

Coming from Lightning Ridge (Australia), jewelry designer Tatiana Ikasovic grew up in the opal industry, where her father worked for over 35 years. From a rich background, Ikasovic started his own line of opal jewelry. All opals in her jewelry are native to Australia. Opal is manufactured, polished and crafted according to a rigorous process supervised by her father.

From a lawyer, Lilian von Trapp has turned to jewelry design with compact products from classic gold and diamonds. In addition to using recycled materials, Lilian von Trapp also donates 2% of its income from the Earthbeat Foundation brand to support legal exploitation and stimulate sustainable resource exploitation activities. This necklace with delicate design will make your girlfriend look more beautiful and elegant.

Similar to the above jewelry samples, the following jewels are made use of recycled or properly exploited materials, with a legal process to ensure natural balance and maximum support for workers’ lives. . Although not really shiny or splendid, these jewelry models are still a symbol of efforts to contribute to environmental protection.

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