Along with that, of course, Supreme branding is indispensable – with box logo on toe-box, brand name on reed strap, reed tag and shoe lining. Coordinating with this shoe model is a series of fashion products cooperating with Mitchell & Ness and Nike, with diverse Old-School products such as fitted cap, baggy jeans, baseball jacket, […]

Remove stain efficiency at home

Tips For Cleaning And Deodorizing Leather Shoes

Proper cleaning and deodorizing of leather shoes prolongs their life and helps them retain their original color and shape longer. So do you know how to properly clean your leather shoes? Compare with our ways below. 1. When leather shoes are wet When leather shoes get wet, the first thing you need to do is […]

What do you know about Nubuck leather

What Do You Know About Nubuck Leather?

You are a leather fashion accessories lover. When shopping, you are often introduced to Nubuck leather. So what is Nubuck? Is this leather as good as the leather you still use? Let’s find out through this following article! What is leather nubuck? Nubuck leather, also known as buck leather, is real leather, which is abraded […]

Men leather briefcase

Beautiful Men Leather Bags Trend

Not only girls but also men are fashion lovers and want to learn about them. Knowing the fashion trends is the way for you to wear stylish lightning clothes anywhere. The trend of each year has a positive change. Understanding the trend of office leather bags helps the guys stand out anywhere. Especially the office […]

Men leather bag

Let’s Learn How To Renew Your Leather Bag

You have to spend an amount of money to own brandname leather bags. However, through the process and long time of use, this expensive accessory can degrade, discolor, and peel a lot. In these cases, do not throw it away, but refer to some ways to renew your leather bags at home with extremely simple […]

Men most popular items

7 Most Popular Men Accessories in 2020

Men are not too picky in costumes like women, even though still need a certain attention to it. Outlook is the same way of expressing yourself as a man. You are strong, confident or a gentleman, all of it is expressed through the clothes you wear, the jewelry you wear, your personal belongings. So in […]

How to choose the perfect men leather shoe

Experience Choosing Men’s Leather Shoes – You Should Consult This Before Buying!

Men’s leather shoes have become an indispensable part of everyday life. Almost every guy has at least 1 pair of men’s leather shoes in their shoe lockers, including guys who love a sporty, active style. During the graduation ceremony or when you attend any meeting with your partner, besides the trendy modern shoes, a pair […]

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