Adidas Ultra Boost Clima rep 1: 1 shoe good price

Following the success of the Ultraboost shoe line that was launched earlier, Adidas launched the shoe in the 4th generation with many strong improvements. Ultra Boost Clima is a very “good value” investment for your shoe locker. Review Ultra boost Clima in detail Despite being a new member of the Adidas Ultraboost family, the Clima […]

Features of the Air More Uptempo shoe line

The Air More Uptempo line features a series of oval shapes over the outsole surface. Finally on the heel is a transparent oval showing the air-unit. Not only quite simple but also extremely unique. The Air More Uptempo shoe design that was released to the market has shown a very special product with the word […]

Basketball shoes- Second Hand tend to buy shoes from ballers

With basketball in Vietnam on the rise, and the facilities not yet secured for the protective courts, you have to play the outdoor court. Especially the concrete ground like in Vietnam. If you are concerned about spending a lot of money to buy a pair of genuine shoes, you do not like to bring basketball […]

Besides the color, you should also pay attention to the style and size of the leather pair

Tell you about beautiful outfit items and women’s leather briefcase for seasonal changing days

Women’s leather bags are an indispensable accessory for them. But how to mix with outfits to match and stand out, not everyone knows. If this is also your problem, do not ignore the beautiful costume items and women’s leather briefcases for the changing seasons in the following article. Black and white outfits are coordinated comfortably […]

Women’s leather handbags with scarf, how to make beautiful?

No need to change into a new handbag, with a women’s leather handbag in use, you can completely turn into a stylish new bag with just a scarf. Tie a towel to the side of the bag The first simple way to transform a women’s leather handbag is to tie the shawl to the side […]

Beautiful female canvas shoes for her to be more beautiful

Who said girls only wear high heels. There are many beautiful women’s canvas shoes suitable for all types of costumes, every situation for dreamy girls or strong personalities. Beautiful womens canvas shoes are the most “genuine” fashion accessory that can help a woman become stylish in a matter of seconds. Why do women have to […]


Revealing how to choose a handbag suitable for a middle-aged lady

Choosing bags for themselves is probably easier for mothers, older aunts and aunts, because if they are not subtle and skillful in choosing, the handbag will be difficult for them to use because it is not suitable for grandmother. looks as well as age. When choosing handbags for middle-aged people, there are three things to […]


Along with that, of course, Supreme branding is indispensable – with box logo on toe-box, brand name on reed strap, reed tag and shoe lining. Coordinating with this shoe model is a series of fashion products cooperating with Mitchell & Ness and Nike, with diverse Old-School products such as fitted cap, baggy jeans, baseball jacket, […]

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