Cách thức sử dụng và bảo quản nồi gang tráng men

Không chỉ sạch đẹp về hình thức, nồi gang tráng men còn được đánh giá là an toàn cho sức khỏe người dùng. Vậy đâu là cách thức sử dụng và bảo quản nồi gang tráng men để sử dụng được lâu dài? Cùng theo dõi bài viết dưới đây! Sơ lược về nồi gang tráng men […]

Sweet Christmas Gift Card Ideas for Your Girl

You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to confess your affection with your lover. As long as you love her, every occasion in the year, including Christmas can become a Day of Love. Therefore, don’t hesitate to show her your feelings with these sweet Christmas gift card ideas for your girl.  Panda Christmas Pop Up Card      […]

Impressive Pop Up Gift Card Ideas with Family Theme

Gift-choosing on occasions like Family’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas … can be a tricky task if you want to find one present the whole family can enjoy. How to satisfy multiple personalities with your gift? Don’t let this question stress you because we are here to help. Below are the top 5 pop up gift cards […]

Environmentally friendly jewelry for the girls who love nature

Jewelry is very important to the look of a bride on her wedding day, from her engagement ring to the additions to a stunning look. Although very beautiful and highly symbolic, jewelry is still toxic industrial products, but this element gets little attention. Around the world, there are groups of people and tendencies to denounce […]


JEWELRY AND CLOTHING ACCESSORIES ARE THE TWO THOUGHTS OF BEAUTY. But sometimes you don’t know how to combine them so that your body is as bright as possible. PLEASE REFER TO THE WRITTEN BELOW TO KNOW HOW TO MIX JEWELRY AND JEWELRY ACCESSORIES. Jewelry accessories are indispensable, but a dress you wear beautifully is not […]


3 ways to measure ring size, simple hand shake at home extremely accurate

Currently, online jewelry shopping is very popular and popular with many conveniences such as: saving time, shopping anytime or anywhere, in addition, you can secretly create surprises with gifts for relatives, … However, you worry when choosing to buy jewelry, especially bracelets, bracelets, but do not know the size of the wearer. Today, nanozile Blog […]

Tell You How to Choose Baby Jewelry

According to folk experience, silver has an anaerobic effect, so mothers often wear them very early. Young children’s skin is prone to allergies, so how to choose a beautiful handshake, foot shake, earring, necklace that can protect your baby’s health? Through the article, Bao Tin would like to share some tips for choosing silver jewelry […]

Nike Air Jordan 1 High ‘Fragment’ (2014)

Hiroshi Fujiwara, considered the Godfather of Japanese street fashion. At the end of 2014, images began to appear of a potential Air Jordan 1 release by Nike and Fragment Design, Fujiwara’s iconic streetwear brand. Inspired by the Jordan 1 High ‘Black Toe’, the shoe uses a simple color scheme. As a combination of white, black […]

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